Facts about Me

1. I want lots more babies, but will settle with 3.
2. I hate scary movies, and will only watch one on Halloween (with the lights on) and my brother sitting next to me.
3. I am obsessed with reading, often become the main character in my mind, and have trouble thinking of anything else.
4. Most days, I love teaching. Other days (not often) I think: why am I doing this?
5. I have OCD with my thoughts and the future. I don't let it show, but I am constantly thinking about how to make my life better.
6. I am extremely sarcastic, and hate it when others take me too seriously (or confuse my sarcasm with sensitivity).
7. I am, however, sensitive and can get my feeling hurt easily.
8. I love being the center of attention (all my friends know this). Must be the LEO in me.
9. I get anxiety fairly easily and am not very good with breathing techniques.
10. I never stick with a workout. I know it is good for me, but I despise it.
11. I admire my husband for being so dedicated to the gym and work and our family. I admire my brother and sister for their devotion to school. I admire all mothers.
12. I am scared of the three "S's": Scorpions, Snakes, and Spiders.
13. I cannot wait to spend my life with Kyle.
14. I trust my husband with all of my heart. I know he would never hurt me.
15. I think people should run if they have any doubt about the one they are with.
16. Good qualities: I am a good listener and give good advice. Bad qualities: I have terrible road rage and am extremely impatient.
17. I have the most amazing friends in the world that will be in my life forever. Mark my words.
18. I think it is annoyingly cute that my students notice every little thing about me. "Did you go tanning, Mrs. Von Tersch?" "Did you paint your nails a different color?" "You look sick today; are you not wearing makeup?"
19. I want my sister and my friends to find their soulmates and be treated like queens. They deserve nothing less.
20. I love reality TV and desperately wish I could have a job watching it all day.
21. I cannot wait to buy a new house and give Presley the playroom of her dreams.
22. I am a great organizer but not a great "deep cleaner".
23. I look forward to: waking my daughter up in the morning, kissing her feet, reading her stories, hearing her form words, and spending TRUE quality time with her.
24. I tell my mom EVERYTHING. I call her too often and not often enough.
25. I admire the way my parents raised us. I never once heard them fight. If they did, they were masters at hiding it. They always encouraged us to follow our dreams. They loved us with all of their heart (and still do).
26. I love Kyle's family. Every single one of them. They are so warm, inviting, fun, and easy to talk to. They are my family as much as Kyle's.
27. I miss my Grandma Mullane terribly. I don't talk about her much, but she is always in my thoughts.
28. I hate when people are cruel to others.
29. It breaks my heart when I see my students struggle with school, home life, bullying, peer pressure, etc.
30. I am a lover of: polar bears, Bloody Mary's, salt, sushi, literature, reality TV, long conversations with my brother, the television show Dexter, my Mom's visits, Kyle's hugs, candy, being pregnant, daddy-daughter relationships, going to bed at 8:30pm, my sister's excitement when she sees Presley, blogging, my dog's kisses, inside jokes with my mother-in-law, and true love.

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