Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summer Recap in Pictures

 ^^^Making messes and LOVING my spaghetti.^^^
 ^^^Matching sister buns.^^^
 ^^^Captain Underpants movie and frozen yogurt.^^^
 ^^^BEGGING me to take a nap in my bed every day and only lasting 5 minutes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.^^^

 ^^^The cutest duo. They have each other's back and are always looking out for each other.^^^
 ^^^Helping Jen celebrate her upcoming wedding. Such a fun time catching up with all my girls.^^^
 ^^^She watches Peppa Pig while I sip on my coffee and read. It is my favorite part of the day.^^^
 ^^^Always has to read the book first, then lets me read it to her.^^^
 ^^^Bentley and Colby are always on guard--just in case a crumb or two drops on the floor.^^^
 ^^^My beauties.^^^
 ^^^Sometimes they play nicely together. Key word: sometimes. Also, who remembers playing Kerplunk as a kid? Such a fun game!^^^
 ^^^Hard at work. Haha.^^^
 ^^^Some days I let her skip naps and then she has moments in the late afternoon where she gazes off and ALMOST falls asleep.^^^
 ^^^Lazy days at home are my favorite. Even if it means that we watch like 17 movies in one day.^^^
 ^^^Jackson surprised me by rearranging the patio. How thoughtful of him! Not. He is still destructive, as always.^^^
 ^^^Sassy, Crazy, and Diva. They make my days interesting, that's for sure.^^^

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