Saturday, June 24, 2017

San Diego Day Two

 We started day two by eating breakfast at The Firehouse and then headed straight to the beach. The kids built some sandcastles, played in the water, and then buried each other in the sand. After we were tired of that, we headed to the hotel pool where the kids spent the rest of the afternoon. That night, we ate dinner at a place called Jrdn. It was super fancy (probably not the best place to take kids). Jackson fell asleep on Kyle's lap the entire dinner, Khloe threw up her milk, and McCartney peed all over my dress. Perfect place to do those things, kids. Ha. That always seems to be the way the cookie crumbles. We scarfed down our food and hightailed it out of there before we got ANY more dirty looks. We spent the rest of the night eating ice-cream and watching movies in the hotel room. The kids were so wiped out and slept like champs. 

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