Friday, April 7, 2017

Favorite Moments from the Week

^^^I always want to remember his dirt stained shirt, her tippy toes, his pulled out pockets, her messy buns, and the way she looks at him when he shows her all the rocks he has collected for the day.^^^
^^^Papa Larry was in town for a few days and it was so nice having him around.^^^
^^^I love lazy Sundays with my people. There is nothing better.^^^
^^^Gah. They are the most adorable little duo.^^^
^^^He couldn't even wait for me to cut it, he had to dive right in.^^^
^^^Doggy kisses.^^^
^^^I started coaching soccer this week and I love watching my students play. I forgot how much I enjoy this sport!^^^
^^^Jackson started Tee-ball again and plays for a team called The Hot Rods. He did so well!^^^

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