Thursday, March 23, 2017

Second Tooth Gone and The Worst Tooth Fairy Ever

Presley lost her second bottom tooth a couple of days ago. I should have set my alarm for midnight (like I did the first time she lost her tooth). I was so unprepared this time that not only did I forget to get cash out of the bank, I forgot to set my dang alarm. It wasn't until 5:30am when I woke up in complete panic because I remembered the the "Tooth Fairy" was supposed to come. I hurried and took a few dollar bills out of Presley's money bank (yes, I am the worst) and then snuck upstairs to steal the tooth, take the note, and leave the money. I heard Presley toss and turn and I ran out as quickly as I could. She came downstairs a few minutes later with the saddest face and said, "Mom. You left the money. I saw you leave my room." Thank goodness I was prepared for that and quickly responded with: "No I didn't. I was checking to see if the Tooth Fairy came and then when I saw you were asleep, I didn't want to ruin the surprise so I snuck out." Luckily she bought my story and quickly turned her frown upside down. That was a close call and I am officially the worst Tooth Fairy in history. Don't worry: I am taking some "fairy training" classes and will leave more money (at midnight on the dot) next time. This Tooth Fairy has a lot of making up to do. ;)

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