Tuesday, March 28, 2017

McCartney's Big Girl Room

Thanks to my mom, 2 fresh coats of paint (no more Pepto Bismol pink), a reading nook, a crib conversion, and some new bedding--McCartney's new big girl room is as adorable as ever. 

I have been putting off transferring McCartney into a big girl bed for three reasons: 1) she wasn't climbing out of her crib; 2) a crib is so much easier when it comes to nap and bed time; and 3) I wasn't ready for her to grow up so quickly. 

My mom finally had enough time to paint her room (thank goodness for her--she is the best), and after she was done painting, I thought it was the perfect time to convert her crib to a daybed. I was worried that McCartney would be up a ton and have a hard time adjusting, but once again, she proved me wrong. SHE IS A DREAM CHILD! The first night, Kyle and I walked her upstairs and told her she was sleeping in her "big girl bed" and she was beyond excited. She literally climbed right up, said "Goodnight," put her thumb in her mouth and did not get out of bed until we came and got her the next morning. And it has been that way ever since. Oh and nap time is going just as well. She will read a few books to herself in bed and then take a 2 hour nap. Gah. She makes me so happy. We will probably keep her in the daybed for a year and then give her Presley's twin bed, and then get Presley a new (bigger) bed. :)

Thanks again, Mom! You are the best for helping make McCartney's room so cute and functional! :)

***I officially have no more kids in diapers or a crib. Time to have another baby! Just kidding. TOTALLY kidding.***

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