Monday, February 27, 2017

Yet Another First

It only took one day for Presley to figure out how to ride a bike without training wheels. We couldn't believe how fast she picked it up. Granted, she still needs to work on her braking and her turns but I am sure with a few more days, she will  master that as well. The thing I was the MOST impressed with was the fact that every time she fell, she got back on her bike faster than I could say--"try it again." Finally after riding what seemed like 100 times, we told her it was time to go inside and eat dinner. I could not believe her determination. She did not want to stop. No matter how many times we told her she was done for the day--she didn't feel like she was done. It even got to the point that she was so unbelievably frustrated because she wanted to keep riding. After we forced her to go inside and eat, she went to bed immediately after. It is safe to say that she was worn out!!!!

Go Presley! 

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