Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Happening Around Here + Random Pics

 1. We took the training wheels off of Presley's bike and will be working with her on riding solo over the next few weeks.
2. We decided to wait on selling our house till the kids get a little older and can take care of a nicer house. Ha. Right now Jackson still likes to wipe his poop on the bathroom walls. GROSS, I know. I am happy with the decision because I love our house a lot and moving is soooo stressful.
3. McCartney is potty trained, talking in full complete sentences (or should I say paragraphs...hehe), is getting ready to be transitioned into a new bed, and is sassy as ever. We like to call her Divalicious.
4. Presley is #1 on the waiting list for the Spanish Immersion program and they told me they are almost 100% positive she will get in for first grade!
5. Jackson is still playing tee-ball and loves it very much. He is getting so unbelievably good!
6. It looks like I will be teaching here again at Vista Verde next year and may even pick up a few more classes. 
7. Spring Break is right around the corner. Yay!
8. Caroline is almost cancer-free. It is completely gone in her breasts and she just has a small spot in her sternum that we are hoping radiation will zap! Keep praying for my sweet friend. 
9. Presley is reading at a 3rd grade level. Her teacher is beyond impressed with her. She is reading long-sounding vowels and can pretty much read whatever she picks up. Her teacher said that she needs to be challenged and pushed next year by being in the Spanish-Immersion program and that she is confident she will learn Spanish at a lighting speed. My smart girl! 
10. Presley went to the ASU game with Nana and Papa yesterday and was asked to do a dance-off during the 5th inning against another boy. She did awesome! The boy beat her but to be honest with you, I think she should have won. I guess everyone else did too because at the end of the game, people were walking up to her handing her money, gifts, candy, and stickers. I am just so proud that she had the guts to go out there in front of all those people. She is really growing up. 
11. In a few short months, I will have a SIX year old and a FOUR year old. We are skipping the birthday parties this year and taking each kid to a special dinner and then to the toy store to pick out a few presents. They will have little parties at their school to celebrate. We have decided that due to the kids having SO many toys (and parties being super stressful to plan), we will do a party every other year. The kids were totally on board and I was actually surprised how much they loved the idea! :) Win-win!
12. Jackson is starting to recognize and write letters. I am very proud of how much he has learned over the last few months. 

I think that's about it! Happy Hump Day!

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