Wednesday, January 4, 2017

McCartney Cuteness and Upcoming Events

McCartney has just been way too cute for words these days. :)

Some exciting upcoming events in 2017:
January: We leave for Cabo soon and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!
February: Superbowl, Bentley turns 10, we are putting our house on the market.
March: Spring Break, Kyle and I are going to an Eric Church concert.
April: Presley turns 6, Easter, Jackson turns 4, and we go to Nebraska for Lauren and Danny's wedding.
May: Kyle and Kurt's birthday, Presley's Kindergarten graduation.
June: Kyle and I will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.
July: We are planning a trip to California with the kids and will go to the beach and Sea World.
August: My birthday and school starts up again.
September: Nothing planned so far.
October: Halloween.
November: Thanksgiving and McCartney's 3rd birthday.
December: Possibly the North Pole Experience, Colby turns 8, Christmas.

I am sure there will be tons more things to add but I am excited about the things we have planned so far!!! :)

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