Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A First

Presley has been wanting to lose a tooth for months now. That's practically all she talks about. "When is it MY turn to lose a tooth?" "Kayla and Trey (and...) already lost a couple teeth." "I think my tooth is loose" (and then when I touch it, it feels rock solid). Haha.

This morning she told me her tooth was hurting and when I inspected it with my finger (quite honestly expecting to find nothing), I was shocked when it wiggled SO much. I screamed out loud with joy. And then I began to cry. How is she growing up so fast?

I told her that it was loose enough to most likely come out today if we kept playing with it. I even made her bite into an apple. I was determined to make sure we didn't lose or swallow her very first tooth. 

At drop-off at school, I got out of the car and decided to give it one more try. With one tiny push and one tiny pull, out popped her tooth into the palm of my hand. I was so excited and so was she! I proceeded to hold it up in the air like a trophy tell strangers around us. Haha. I am so weird. 

On my way to school, I texted everyone! I was so proud. 

My baby is growing up so fast. I literally can't handle it. Now here to hoping she doesn't wake up when we sneak into her room tonight. :)

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