Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Look Back...

Top Left: 2008-Kyle and I had just gotten engaged and were planning our June wedding. This picture is from the night that we got engaged just minutes before. I had no clue!
Top Middle: We were married and had only one furry child named Bentley. Christy took this picture for us on our couch at our Jake Haven home.
Top Right: We had two furry babies-Bentley and Colby and I was a few months pregnant with Presley. 
Second Row Left: We only had our 8 month old darling, Presley. Life was easy back then. Ha!
Second Row Middle: Presley was a year and a half and I was a few months pregnant with baby Jackson.
Second Row Right: At Anthem park with our two kiddos. We left the dogs at home because they were getting increasingly more difficult to manage--especially with two other kids running around. 
Bottom Left: This is my favorite family photo. And you can't tell but I was weeks away from giving birth to McCartney. 
Bottom Middle: My dad took these pictures in Anthem park. They turned out surprisingly well for how naughty Jackson was being. Ha.
Bottom Right: Our family photo this year. I am just happy we got one that we were happy with!

Happy Holidays! It was so much fun looking back at old photos! Ahhh...memories!

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