Friday, November 4, 2016

Ready or Not

I was going to wait to start potty training this little lady until Christmas break (or even after that), however, she had other plans. I have noticed for the last 2 months that she has been telling us when she has a soiled diaper and is constantly wanting to go on the toilet. I put her on there a few times and she would strain to go but nothing would come out. I ended up buying her a small potty training toilet a month ago just so we would have it. The other night she screamed, "Potty!" and ripped off her pants and diaper and went straight to the bathroom. I thought it would be a false alarm again but boy was I wrong. She went pee!!!!! I flipped out and looked at Kyle and said, "She is potty training herself! Here we go. Ready or not..." 

Since then, she has gone several times at home and at school. She insists on wearing underwear but I talked her into wearing a pull-up first--just until we are more consistent. I cannot believe how fast she is growing up.

Next she will be wanting a big girl bed and I am over here wanting to keep her my little baby (in a crib) forever. Cue the tears!

20 days until she is TWO!!!!!!!!

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