Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Day with Presley

I knew for a while that Presley and I had Veteran's Day off and when I found out the daycare was going to be open that day, Presley and I started planning our day off together. We counted down the days until Friday all week. 

We started our day by taking Jackson and McCartney to daycare early. Our first stop after the drop-off was to Desert Donuts to try a warm, freshly made, frosted donut topped with vanilla ice-cream. Let me just tell  you: IT WAS AMAZING! After our tummy was doing a happy dance, we went to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make cookies. We came home and started baking the cookies. While they were in the oven, we worked on Presley's homework and read a few books. After the cookies were baked and cooled, we went to get a much-needed hair trim. Then we were off to Daddy's work to surprise him with the cookies! He was so happy to see our faces! 

We then headed to Mud Pie Studios to paint some ceramic pieces for our special friends. After that, we were off to meet Nana at the movie theater. We watched the cutest movie, Trolls and stuffed our faces with popcorn, icees, dill pickles, nachos, and candy. 

We ended our day by picking up brother and sissy and went to the park to have a picnic consisting of: chicken strips, fruit, nuts, cheese, and chocolate chip cookies. 

What a great day! Amongst all the fun, we made sure to talk about why we got the day off and how grateful we are for all the people who fought for our freedom. 

Happy Veteran's Day! 

Kyle and I are heading to dinner and a comedy show tonight!!!!

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