Thursday, October 6, 2016

What's Happening Around Here?

 1. My Aunt Carol just got into town and my sister and brother are coming tonight. We are celebrating my grandpa's 90th birthday this weekend at the AZ Grand Resort. It is going to be so much fun! All the family is coming out for it. 
2. On Sunday, we are walking in the Susan B. Komen breast cancer race for our sweet girl Caroline. We even had shirts made and they are sooooo cool. :)
3. Presley got her school pics and she looks so grown up.
4. Next Friday (the 14th), Kyle and I are heading to Palm Springs for the weekend to celebrate my friend, Cassie's wedding to Michael. 
5. Halloween is just around the corner and I already got the kids their costumes. I cannot wait to share pictures!
6. I have already started planning McCartney's 2nd birthday. It is Minnie Mouse themed and it will be just a small, family only party. 
7. I have started compiling videos of my sweet girl from the last year to make her 2nd birthday video. It is so emotional watching clips of her because she is growing up way too fast. 
8. School is going great for me. I love my students and I realized how much I truly missed teaching the last couple years. 
9. We are going to go to a pumpkin patch with the kids in a few weeks. It is our (and almost everyone else's) annual tradition. We are so busy this month that I wasn't sure if we were going to go but we managed to squeeze it into our schedule.
10. Presley has officially joined Girl Scouts and I have a parent meeting tonight. The actual meetings will be every month and they are conveniently located at her school!
11. Presley has been speaking more and more Spanish every day and I found out she is number 2 on the waiting list. We have a great chance of getting into the Spanish-Immersion program this year or for sure next year!
12. We booked our annual Cabo trip for January. I am counting down the days...
13. At the beginning of December we are going to the Polar Express (our first time) with my parents. We are currently looking for matching pajamas. :)
14. I am still working on self-publishing and printing my children's book. It is all ready to go but I am hesitating for fear of rejection. Kyle keeps pushing me to take the plunge and I know I will eventually--I am just taking my sweet time. I will do it when I am ready. 
15. Caroline started chemo and her husband has been keeping us updated on her progress and well-being. She is so loved and supported. So many people have come together to donate money and that couldn't make me happier. I literally think about her all day long and wish there was something I could do to take it all away. 

I think that's it for now. Happy Thursday! Hopefully the Cardinals can pull out a win tonight!

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