Monday, October 24, 2016

Kennedy's Dress Up Party

 We were resourceful and found used costumes around our house to attend Kennedy's dress up birthday party. I used my mime costume from elementary school. I cannot believe it still fit. It was, indeed, super tight and a little short in certain areas--but it did the trick. I completed the look by painting my face (I am definitely not a make up artist for a reason...haha). For Presley's costume, we dug into our dress up trunk and discovered that she hasn't worn the Snow White costume in a while. We then found Sofia the First for McCartney and although it was a tad bit long--it too, did the trick. For Jackson, I was happy to discover a gender-neutral costume that I had stored in my closet and had never used! My mom got Presley a doctor's outfit at a gift shop years ago and I completely forgot about it. It fit Jackson perfectly and he looked as adorable as ever. 

We had a great time celebrating Kennedy's 6th birthday but I was relieved to get home and get out of my tight costume, take that dreadful (and somewhat melted) face paint off and get into comfortable pajamas. 

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