Thursday, September 8, 2016

T-Ball for Jackson

 ^^^Daddy's girl.^^^

 ^^^Such a flirt.^^^

 Jackson had his first ever t-ball practice last night. He is on a team called The Bees. Even though he has been practicing at home for months, he finally got to put his skills to the test. And he shined! I think the coach was really impressed with his hitting and throwing ability. He is a beast! The only thing we need to work some more is his stretching moves and running the bases at a quicker speed. 

I shed a few tears watching my boy out on the field. He is growing up so fast. It also gave me such a deep feeling of happiness knowing that I get to cheer him on for years to come. The best part of the whole evening was watching Jackson's eyes light up with joy as he learned something new. 

His first game is on Saturday the 17th and I cannot wait to see how he does!

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