Wednesday, September 7, 2016


1. "I want you to swing me really high. Like to God."
2. "Thank you. Thank you very much."
3. "I am going to put all this stuff in my cubby. I have a cubby, Mom. Did you know that? Preeeeetty cool."
4. "I want frosting on my pancakes instead of syrup."
5. "You always pick me up during ABC time. Why you do that?"
6. Jackson: "Look at my reations, Mom." Me: "What?" Jackson: "My CREATIONS, Mom. You know. The things you make."
7. Out of nowhere he says: "Sometimes I have trouble putting on my shoes."
8. When watching football with Daddy he says, "I am going to be on TV. Just like those guys. Watch."
9. At our neighbors birthday party last weekend, he was playing with balloons with a couple other dads at the party and when one of them took one away he said, "What's your problem, man?!"
10. At the same birthday party, he said: "Cake! Cake! Cake everywhere. I love me some cake!"
11. His new thing is saying he can find anything around the house. He always screams: "I will find it. I find THINGS!"
12. "Mom, you are my best friend."
13. When he is really mad at me, he says: "I don't love you anymore." That one breaks my heart. 
14. He is really into making sure he gives me lots of BIG kisses and BIG hugs. It totally makes my heart flutter with happiness. 
15. "I have LOTS of diarrhea."
16. "I only love dinosaurs and cars. Okay."
17. Whenever he doesn't want to do something that I ask him to do he says: "I can't hear you, Mom."

He starts tee-ball tonight and I couldn't be more excited to watch him in action. 

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