Monday, September 5, 2016


^^^She had a half day at school last week so I picked her up and spent some much needed one-on-one time with her. We got ice-cream at Cold Stone's, painted some unicorns and owls at As You Wish, and ended our day by playing games at Dave and Buster's.^^^
1. "When I turn 25, I am going to get kids."
2. "I've got stories in my eyes. Do you know what that means, Mother? It means I can imagine what is happening in a book." 
3. We listen to a ton of music, especially on our way to school and she always says, "I am going to keep this song in my keeping box." Her keeping box is her storage in her head. She keeps all the things she loves in there. 
4. She does not call me Mom or Mommy. It is always "Mother." It is the absolute cutest thing ever. 
5. She is always pretending that she is a cat or a unicorn and her name is ALWAYS "Rosie." She gets mad if Kyle and I call her anything else. And she said it is: "Definitely going to be the name of my first born child." Haha.
6. "Mother. You have the BIGGEST butt I have ever seen. But I love it!" OMG! That one had me rolling on the floor laughing. And eating less candy too. Haha. 
7. "Mother, I will take a picture for you if you insist. I am doing this for YOU only. So like don't show anyone and stop asking me, okay? Like I said, this is for you." 
8. We are reading chapter books every night and there are no pictures. I wasn't sure if she could fully comprehend what I was reading but I quickly found out I was wrong. Every time I ask her to recap what happened in the previous chapter, she summarizes it perfectly. And last night I was reading a part where Barbie was in a boat and describing her paddles as 'two triangles put together' and Presley said: "She is talking about paddles, right? Paddles are very similar to hands when swimming. They push the water back so you can move forward. And when you kick your legs, it is like a motor." WHO IS THIS CHILD? I can't keep up.
9. She insists on pushing the grocery cart (even though she runs into everything); tries to talk me into buying her soda (although she has never had it before); says "Oooh" and "Ahhh" at least 5 times (while walking down the candy and chip aisle); and wants to put everything on the conveyor belt (and gets very upset if I try to help her).
10. She is FLYING through her homework and it is just too easy for her. I am getting her some workbooks to challenge her at home. She is so funny because every night she says, "I want more homework! That wasn't enough."
11. "Kaden told me I have the prettiest hair he has ever seen."
12. "Zander shared his candy with me. He is so sweet."
I am NOT ready for all this flirting. 

Stay tuned for Jacksonisms and Cartney Convos this week! :)

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