Monday, August 15, 2016


 ^^^Presley is LOVING Kindergarten. She is making tons of friends, learning lots of things, and creating lots of cool projects. The mornings are still a little rough at drop off (she gets a little sad) but it is getting better and better. And the minute I leave, she stops crying and is happy all day (according to her teacher). I guess she likes to put on a bit of a show and is slightly dramatic. Hmmm... I wonder who she gets that from. Ha! She is still in gymnastics and was recently moved up to Mini Elites. She will be starting at the beginning of September and that means going to the gym twice a week. She is super happy to be joining her best friend, Keira. Since they aren't going to the same school, she misses her like crazy. I also enrolled her in Girl Scouts and she will start in October. I am hoping she has enough energy to get through a full day of school and then additional activities after school. Well, basically I am saying that I hope I have enough energy to keep up with her busy schedule. :0)^^^
 ^^^Jackson is doing SO WELL at daycare. The teachers have nothing but nice things to say about his behavior. I guess he is just saving all his craziness for me. Yay! I am so lucky. ;) He is learning a lot and having deeper and deeper in depth conversations with me and his Daddy. I am recording all the funny and insightful things he says so that I can post another "Jacksonisms" soon. He is obsessed with cars and rocks and plays with them constantly. He also enjoys shooting baskets and throwing footballs with his Daddy every night before bed. He is so unbelievably talented. And no, I am not biased.;)^^^
^^^McCartney is also doing so well at daycare. The teachers just LOVE her. They spoil the heck out of her and I do not mind one bit. They are always sending me cute selfies of her and telling me all the adorable things she does. They also told me she is, "One smart cookie." It makes me so happy to hear these things. She is also trying to do her best to keep up with her brother and sister. She wants to go potty on the toilet too but I am holding off for a while because I am not ready for her to be so grown up yet. But I may have no choice if she keeps pushing it.^^^

School is going really well for me and I am ready for another successful week. My principal bought me a lotto ticket on Friday for my birthday and brought everyone Rootbeer floats today just because.  How rad is she?!!! We are so lucky to have such an amazing leader! I love my school!

Happy Monday!

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