Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Little Kindergartener

And just like that...we have a Kindergartner. 

Kyle took the day off so we could both take our little princess to school. When we got there, we walked around the school and then headed to her classroom. We gave Mrs. Malina her gift basket that we made for her: it was filled with yummy snacks, teaching supplies, and some drawings and paintings that Presley made. The goodbye was pretty emotional because everything was so new and overwhelming but Presley ended up having such a great day. 

When I picked her up, she was sitting with her friends and was so excited to see me. Kyle and I took her out for a celebratory dinner and talked about her day. During dinner, I got a call from her teacher telling me how wonderful and sweet she was, and that she made a ton of friends. She even made some funny jokes about the boys being terrible in music class. Ha!

I am excited for her to embark on this journey! 

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