Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jacks and Carts

Maybe it is because they are so close in age but these two couldn't be more alike and are completely attached at the hip. They have the same charming, fun-loving personality. They are both adventurous and curious. They both crack each other up. And to top it all off, they look so much alike. McCartney is the blonder, tinier, feminine version of Jackson. These two love to head outside the minute they get done with their morning cartoon and snack. Jackson says, "Come on Teddy. Lets go cause some trouble." They hold hands and make their way to the sliding glass door. If I am not there to open it fast enough, they are squeezing themselves through the doggy door. They always go to the roller coaster first--push each other down a few times, then go to the top of the playground to throw random toys down the slide, then go down the slide themselves 100 times, then over to the rocks to make a mess, then eventually they come inside to eat breakfast. These two could play for hours together without ever getting bored or needing my attention. They are in their own little world. I hope they always remain this close and that their bond becomes even stronger over time. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kiddos get along, protect each other, and encourage one another to succeed. 

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