Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nebraska Day One

 ^^^My husband is a saint! He literally had all three kids for 95% of the flight and didn't complain one bit. McCartney was supposed to sit on my lap but she kept wanting her daddy. The flight to Omaha was very successful. All the kids were really well-behaved. Thank goodness!^^^

We landed in Omaha, Nebraska on Thursday afternoon and headed straight to Granny's (like always). She had her famous enchiladas and tacos waiting for us and we scarfed them down. We spend the rest of the afternoon, and evening there and headed to Kris' house later that night. All the cousins showed up at Granny's to greet us and kept the kids super busy. It was a great start to our amazing trip. I cannot wait to share more about each day. We had the best time and I am sad that we are not still there right now as I am typing this. It always goes by so quickly...too quickly. :(

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