Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nebraska Day Four

 ^^^She is obsessed with the flower crown that her daddy got her.^^^
 ^^^Watching Joey play an awesome baseball game.^^^

 ^^^Just like his sister, he is licking his ice cream bowl clean.^^^

 On Sunday (Day Four), we started our day by going to Joey's baseball game. It was so awesome watching him play. It was also very hot and humid as well so we unfortunately didn't last the entire time but we did our best to stay as long as we could. After the game, we visited one of Kyle's friends and his three girls. Then we came back to Kris's house and she had the whole family (and some friends) over for a Father's Day barbecue. It was so much fun! The kids spent 99% of their time on the blow up water slide that we rented. It was worth every penny. :)

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