Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Three

 ^^^This girl has been attached at my hip recently and I am loving it. Lately we have been painting each other's toenails, styling each other's hair, watching our favorite show: So You Think You Can Dance, and organizing every room of the house. She is so helpful. The other day we were cleaning out my closet and as a reward for her helping me, I let her keep a lot of my old jewelry and headbands. She kept trying to convince me to let her keep all my old dresses and shirts so she could: "Wear them in college and stuff." Haha. I finally gave in and let her keep 3 of her very favorites. I am sure when she is actually big enough to wear them she is going to say: "Mom. These are gross. You have the worst style ever." But for now--I will keep letting her think my wardrobe is "Soooooo beautiful."^^^
 ^^^This boy is such a crack up. He keeps us on our toes, that's for sure. The other day I shared a story on Instagram and I am going to share it here too so that I can remember all the crazy crap he did. So here it is: When Kyle and I got home from our date the other night, we checked Jackson's monitor (along with our babysitter Haley), and we legitimately witnessed him standing up on his bed, pulling down his pants, and peeing all over the carpet and wall. When we confronted him about it, he admitted to doing it before. We were mad but could not stop laughing. He is a boy with a capital B.^^^
^^^And this girl! She is growing up so unbelievably fast. She is becoming increasingly more independent and can talk more than all my kids combined. She has the best manners and always says: "Thank you momma," "Please," "Yes, more." She also asks me every morning where her brother and sister are: "Where's Pressy?" "Where's Jacksy?" She says it so clear. And my favorite thing she does is scream, "Daddy!!!!!!" whenever he is in the room. She loves him so much. Actually my favorite-favorite thing she says is, "I love you momma." My heart can't handle her sweet little voice. It won't be long before we are having deep conversations with her. Ahh. Time, you are the worst. Please, please, please slow down. P.S. This summer sun is making her hair even blonder and I am in love.^^^

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