Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Disneyland Day 3

^^^She told us she was going to put her hands up and this is the face she made while riding down. My dad and I could not stop laughing.^^^

^^^She was mesmerized by Ana and Elsa.^^^

^^^Look how brave we are! This is at the top of the Tower of Terror before it plummets 13 stories down.^^^
^^^I drew this and I am pretty proud of myself considering how terrible of an artist I am.^^^
That's a wrap. Day 3 was just as good as the rest (even though we were missing Kyle). I think three days at Disneyland were plenty because we were all exhausted by the afternoon. So much so that we went to bed around 6:45pm.

I cannot wait to go back in a couple years and make even more incredible memories with my family. Next time I am hoping my brother and sister can join us! :)

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