Saturday, May 7, 2016

Disneyland Day 1

^^^Flirting with Ariel.^^^

^^^Splash Mountain.^^^

^^^It's a Small World.^^^

^^^Disneyland wore this girl out!^^^

^^^McCartney and Jackson's daily naps were taken in the stroller.^^^
^^^We had the best time acting like little kids.^^^
^^^My mom literally skipped every ride to stay back with McCartney. She is seriously the best.^^^

^^^Space Mountain.^^^
Our first day in Disneyland was a dream. We started our day early and tackled a ton of rides. I am pretty sure I ate enough churros to fill a football stadium. Presley was so unbelievably brave and rode on every ride she was tall enough to go on. Nothing scared her. Every time we got off she would say, "Wow. That was soooo easy. I wish it would have been faster." And then we would check the photo booth and see how scared her expression was in each one. Haha. I can't wait to share our Splash Mountain picture from Day 3. It is classic! She didn't like when we teased her about it because she would insist she was "NOT SCARED AT ALL." Jackson was about half an inch too short to go on most rides and he was super bummed about it. It broke my heart. I cannot wait to come back in a few years when all 3 of my kids can go on everything.

My mom was a lifesaver. If she was not there to help with McCartney (and sometimes Jackson)--Kyle and I would have gone crazy. We would not have been able to do this trip without both her and my dad. We cannot thank them enough.

After we wore the kids out, my parents took them back to the hotel so that Kyle and I could ride a few more rides and eat dinner at the ESPN Zone. We also got to meet up with Kyle's Uncle Dave and his wife, Carole. It was wonderful seeing them.

It is safe to say that Day 1 at Disneyland was beyond amazing.

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