Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Highlights

 ^^^Presley is still in dance and her next recital is at the end of May. I am so glad she is still enjoying it. We will be taking a break this summer and if she misses it, I will enroll her for the fall season.^^^
 ^^^Jackson still continues to drive his momma crazy. There isn't a day that goes by that he isn't destroying something, climbing on something, disassembling get the picture. But man! He just looks at me with that sweet face and I cannot even be mad, ya know?^^^
 ^^^It has been a couple weeks or so but this one is officially walking. I always knew she was capable of doing it but I also knew she wanted to take her sweet time. She is cruising now and I am sorta, kinda missing the "wanting to be held all the time stage." Okay--maybe not yet. Ha. My arm is getting some much needed time off.^^^
 ^^^The weather has been so nice lately that we have been spending a lot of time outdoors: picnics and crafts in our own backyard have been the highlights of our week. Oh and Jackson has recently learned how to cut with scissors and wants to go on a cutting spree. I watch him VERY closely because I am VERY afraid McCartney and Presley will end with some funky haircuts.^^^
 ^^^One strawberry for Pokey, two strawberries for McCartney. We are back to eating several cartons of strawberries a week.^^^ 
 ^^^Every Monday, Kyle plays softball with his work buddies. We got to watch him play his first game and he hit a home run! I am sure we will go to a few more this season because not only does Kyle look so sexy in action but they happen to have the best hotdogs and nachos as well.^^^
 ^^^He recently stopped napping but his energy eventually wears out and I often find him snoozing in the evening. He always looks so peaceful that I am tempted to let him sleep --until I remember that bedtime is just a few hours away.^^^
 ^^^I cannot get over how much this girl is talking! She even started counting lately and knows a couple of her colors. Every word that I say, she repeats back perfectly. She loves to babble ALL DAY long. It won't be long before I am having full on conversations with her. Slow down time!^^^
 ^^^I usually can't sneak into McCartney's room without waking her up but I got lucky this time and gosh she is just the sweetest sleeper. I literally want to kiss her face off.^^^
 ^^^Kyle and I went to the Cubs vs. Diamondbacks game and we had a blast!^^^
 ^^^Our niece, Lauren is getting married next May and asked Presley and McCartney to be her flower girls and Jackson to be her ring bearer. We are so honored and can't wait!^^^

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