Thursday, April 7, 2016

Butterfly Wonderland

We took the kids to The Butterfly Wonderland for yesterday's Wednesday Adventures. My mom came up with the idea and I am glad she did because we had such a great time. 

First we got to watch a 3D movie of butterflies flying around and then we learned about the history and evolution of butterflies. Then we got to go into the actual emporium. There were beautiful butterflies everywhere. It was so funny to see my kids' (and most of the kids' reactions) to a butterfly landing on them. They would scream and run around like they were being attacked by a tiger. Haha. One butterfly (which I named Norman) landed on my shoulder the minute we walked in and did not leave my side for a good 45 minutes. He must of known he had to say goodbye at the end because just as we were close to the exit door, he flapped his wings and flew away. I was so tempted to take him home with me. I was in pure bliss the whole time we where in there. It it the littlest things that can make you the happiest. Also, since we are going to be building a garden in our next house (we are slowly house hunting right now)--I have already decided I want to build a butterfly emporium. ;) It is so unbelievably peaceful and relaxing. I could just go hang out there when the kids are driving me bananas. :)

After we hung out with the butterflies, we ate lunch, and then touched some stingrays. They are building a place called Ody-Sea next door and it will be open at the end of July. My mom and I cannot wait to take the kids.

We ended our Wednesday Adventures by going through a mirrored maze and attempting to hit targets while ducking under and jumping over laser beams. The mirrored maze was freaky and at one point, Presley wanted to get out so badly that she ran away from us and of course ended up running smack into a mirror. Poor girl had the biggest red mark on her forehead. Based on our experience from that, I am thinking we need to wait a looooooong time before we take her to a Haunted House or anything of that nature.

Happy Thursday!

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