Friday, April 15, 2016

A Day with Presley

 ^^^Presley woke up to a giant "5" balloon, and two of her favorite donuts. We took Jackson and McCartney to school early in the morning so we could start our day with our little birthday princess.^^^
 ^^^First stop: pedicures!^^^
 ^^^Next stop: Lunch at Majerles and of course, a brownie sundae!^^^
 ^^^Then we headed to Dave and Busters to play games. It was the most fun I have had in a while. We turned into little kids and probably played every game in the whole place.^^^
 ^^^I love these two goofballs so so much!^^^
 ^^^My favorite little 5 year old. Everywhere we went she insisted telling everyone it was her birthday. She is so much like me it isn't even funny.^^^
 ^^^"Mom. Take a picture of me posing for my birthday."
 ^^^We ended the day at Buffalo Chip. It is a yearly tradition for P's birthday.^^^

 ^^^She got on the outside stage at Buffalo Chip and danced all around and made up all these silly songs. She is the best.^^^
 ^^^We surprised the kids with their own HUGE trampoline! They were so excited! Thanks mom and dad for putting it together while we were gone! You are awesome!

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