Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Potluck

We attended my mom group's annual Spring Potluck yesterday. Each person brought a different appetizer, main dish, or dessert. After we stuffed our faces, the kids participated in an Easter egg hunt. Every kid got to find 7 eggs (to make it fair). Only one kid could find the "golden egg" though and a sweet girl did and she received the yummiest gift basket. Presley was pretty envious. You snooze, you lose. Haha. 

Presley and Jackson collected the eggs while McCartney watched and then helped them open them. Presley shared the treasures inside making sure she gave McCartney all the things she didn't like very much (ha). McCartney didn't seem to mind and was happy with whatever was thrown her way...even if it was black jelly beans. One day she will catch on to Presley's tricks. I can't wait to see that... :)

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