Wednesday, March 2, 2016


1. She likes to act like an old man and walk around with her cane. She fully gets into character. 
2. She enjoys gymnastics so much that she asks to go every day.
3. "Mom, will you make me a smoothie? When I am older, I am going to make a smoothie for my honey all the time."
4. "My hair is as smooth as butter."
5. We are going to be signing up P for karate and Girl's Scout in August.
6. After I started singing she said, "Mom. You should definitely NOT try out for American Idol."
7. We just enrolled P in Summer Camp three days a week to keep her busy for those few months she isn't in school.
8. "If I let you take a picture of me, can I have a chocolate?"
9. "Mom. I am going to dress myself and you are realllllly going to like it. Promise."
10. "I need to wear shorts under my dress because I don't want any one to see my privacy." 
11. "Ugh. I cannot wear that. It is black and gray. Only boys wear those colors!"
12. "Do I look like I am listening? I don't think so!"

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