Sunday, March 6, 2016

Breakfast with Dr. Seuss

 ^^^Green eggs and ham.^^^

 ^^^Two seconds before she started crying her eyes out.^^^
 ^^^Tracing and coloring The Grinch.^^^
 ^^^Getting Thing One painted on his arm.^^^
 ^^^Learning how to make and blow bubbles.^^^
Yesterday my mom and I took the kids to have breakfast with Dr. Seuss. We ate green eggs and ham and once you got over the fact that the eggs were indeed green (yuck), they were actually pretty tasty.  During breakfast, a firefighter read, "Oh the Places You Will Go." After we ate, the kids threw coins in the well and made some wishes. Presley said hers out loud: "I wish The Cat and the Hat was not so scary." Haha. The kids refused to get a picture with him and to be honest, most of the kids there did the same. Poor guy. He was the least bit scary in my opinion but kids will be kids. There were a few stations set up where kids could: get their face painted, make Cat in the Hat hats, stencil and color various Dr. Seuss pictures, and make bubbles. 

Per Presley's request, we will be reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books this week. I think I will make Kyle read them because he uses the best voices and the kids just laugh and laugh and laugh...

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