Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Highlights

 ^^^Jackson went to his first ASU baseball game with Nana and Papa. My mom said he was more interested in running around the stadium, but still had a great time. He charmed the heck out of everyone because he looked so darn cute in his ASU gear.^^^
 ^^^When daddy is home, everyone is happy. The kids won't leave his side. He is definitely a lot cooler than me. I love how the relationship he has with them. The other night he was bathing Presley while I was putting Jackson to bed. I always have him wash Presley's hair because he does such a good job. He takes his time conditioning each strand of hair and it always comes out silky soft. I walked into the bathroom after putting Jackson down and he was blowdrying Presley's hair. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen.^^^
 ^^^This girl is taking a few steps here and there but still likes to be held. ALL of the time. I am convinced my arm is going to fall off one day. We went to her 15 month check-up a few days ago and the doctor told me she is very intelligent and knows exactly what she is doing. He said I bet she can run all over the house but chooses not to because she knows that her momma won't hold her as much if she does. Little stinker. I will soak this up and appreciate it as much as possible because it won't last forever. Well geez, I hope not. It might be a little hard to hold a 16 year old all the time. ;)^^^
 ^^^My mom and I took the kids to Open Gym on Wednesday for our weekly adventures. The kids had a great time. This little monkey loved swinging upside down on the rope.^^^
 ^^^When she wakes up with wild hair, I know she had a good nap.^^^

 ^^^My best friend, Nancy came in town this weekend and brought her husband, Nolan, her daughter Brooklynn, and her step-son Caleb. She stayed the night with us on Friday and we had the best time. McCartney and Brooklynn got to play together and it was so freaking adorable. Presley met Caleb for the first time and they were instantly attached at the hip. They couldn't have gotten along any better. I stayed up waaaaaaay too late talking to Nancy but it was worth every minute of lost sleep to spend some time with her. The next morning we took the kids to the Scottsdale-McCormick train park. It truly makes me sad that she doesn't live here. We could do these playdates and late night talks more often. Like every day. ;)^^^

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