Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Highlights

^^^We are obsessed with Justin Bieber over at the Von Tersch household (don't make fun). We have been playing his music on repeat and dancing around the house. Presley says she wants to go to his concert and see him take his shirt off. Haha. I don't know what to do with this girl. I told her she could go when she 16.^^^
^^^P has been riding her bike around a lot lately and soon we will take off her training wheels. She looks so darn cute with her pink helmet.^^^
^^^We all contracted bronchitis and were miserable for a few days. The coughs always seem to linger but we are feeling much better. My kids are definitely more resilient than me.^^^
^^^P started gymnastics and LOVES it. If you look reeeeeeallly close, you can see her (in pink) doing a somersault. The gym we go to is fantastic. While we were there, Jackson said he wanted to do gymnastics too. I signed him up for a trial class and on Friday, he got to try it out. He did such a good job that we will be taking him once a week now.^^^
^^^Presley wrote out all of her Valentines for her classmates and did such an amazing job.^^^

Happy Valentine's Day! Kyle and I went to dinner last night with Sara and Kurt and today we are either going to be lazy or head to the Greek festival. We haven't decided yet. :) Hope yours is fantastic!

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