Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Zoo and Top Golf

 ^^^We got up bright and early to head to The Phoenix Zoo with my mom group. We had such a great time!^^^
 ^^^Jackson told me, "I don't like crocodiles. They scary. They will eat my head off." Then when we were leaving the zoo he said, "Where the crocodiles? I want to see them! I like them."^^^
 ^^^Oh man does this boy give me a run for my money. Literally. I chased him around the whole zoo and had to put him in time-out several times. He kept thinking the roped off sections didn't pertain to him. So he basically almost got his finger bitten off by a flamingo--among other things.^^^
 ^^^The sweetest little girl who LOVED seeing all the animals. She kept pointing to every one and would start babbling away. I definitely think the monkeys understood her. ;)^^^
 ^^^After the zoo, we went to gymnastics and then I rushed home to get the kids bathed and ready for the babysitter so we could head to Top Golf to celebrate my dad's birthday.^^^
 ^^^I loved spending time with my husband and we definitely got a little competitive.^^^
 ^^^Obviously since it was my dad's birthday, it was his twin brother Steve's as well. We are so glad we got to help him celebrate as well.^^^

 Man oh man! What a fun but exhaustingly long day. I definitely slept like a baby last night.

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