Friday, February 19, 2016

Pinspiration Craft Club

Yesterday my mom group held their Craft Club at this really cool place called, Pinspiration. I never knew it existed! It is a whole studio filled with "Pinterest" inspired crafts. You can hold date nights, birthday parties, groups, or just attend solo. You can basically make any craft you can dream up. They even have a bar with wine, beer, coffee, and snacks. 

For our group, we had the whole back room to ourselves. The crafts were already pre-planned and they were set up in stations. Jackson and the other kids got to drop paint onto oil and see it make different patterns, play in shaving cream to find gold coins, put beads on pipe cleaners to make decorations, mix water colored paint on a ceramic tile, and use the color wheel to make a splatter paint design, decorate a frame, and put frostings on cookies. 

Kyle and I already decided we are going to take Presley and Jackson one evening for a little date night and I have already decided I want the kids birthday party to be here next year. :)

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