Friday, February 12, 2016

Bearizona Part II

The first part of Bearizona consists of taking a 3 mile drive through the park. During this drive you get to see all sorts of wild animals who literally come right up to your car. There are some parts where you can roll down your window and then there are other parts that warn you: "Lock the car and roll up your windows!" Those warnings give you a bit of a scare because you realize the seriousness of it. There was one part that we came to that we saw a bunch of wolves right in front of us. One of the workers yelled out to us, "Roll up your windows!" One wolf was right by our car door for the longest time and I quickly figured out, he was licking the orange juice we spilled on the way up. We let Presley and Jackson sit up front with us since we were driving at 1 mile an hour. They were so anxious, excited, and scared. 

The coolest part was seeing the black bears. They were everywhere. One of them was pacing back and forth like he was waiting for food. We drove up to this one part and I told my mom I was going to roll down the window so I could get some good pictures. It was so hard to take a clear shot through my dirty water-stained car windows. My mom was like, "You better not get us kicked out of the park, or worse--killed." Haha. I rolled down my window to look in this dark cave and what do you know, a bear was standing up staring straight at us. I have never rolled up a window faster. It was so scary and cool! 

After we did the drive, we headed to the park where we got out and walked around. I will share more of those pictures in my next post. 

Stay tuned for Part III.

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