Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bearizona Part I

I have been wanting to take the kids to Williams, Arizona to play in the snow and go to Bearizona for the longest time. Last week we didn't go because the kids weren't feeling 100% and it is a good thing we waited until this week because we couldn't have picked the more perfect time to go. The drive was safe and easy, the weather was absolutely perfect, and there was still enough snow on the ground to play in! We got super lucky. 

I honestly think this day will go in the books for one of my favorites! The drive through Bearizona was unreal. We got to come so close to all these wild animals. I will share more about that experience in my next few posts. 

For Jackson and McCartney, it was their first time playing in snow. Jackson loved it right away. McCartney wasn't too sure about it until we gave her a bucket and a shovel to play with; then she was happy as can be. Presley and Jackson started a snowball fight with my mom and me and then it was ON! We didn't hold back. Haha. After we were tired of doing that, we made snow angels and built a snowman. It was tiny but cute as can be.

I cannot wait to come back here again!

Stay tuned for Part II and III...

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