Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Highlights

^^^These two have gotten even closer lately. Jackson is always looking for McCartney and worrying about her every move. He is super protective of her. McCartney always stares at Jackson and smiles so big. They are so close in age and I love the bond that they already share.^^^
^^^He told me I looked like the girl on the Sun Maid raisin box. It is probably my favorite compliment of all time. I am thinking of buying a bonnet now and wearing it all the time. ;)^^^
^^^She blows me kisses on the daily. She has the deepest belly laugh and the loudest cry. She isn't walking yet (totally playing us for a fool) but she can climb up everything. She eats more than Presley and Jackson combined. She is as sweet as sugar and my best sidekick. She makes the sun shine oh so bright.^^^
^^^She has mastered climbing up the playground ladder in record speed. Then she loves to go face first down the slide. And repeat. 7,452 times. I have to watch her like a hawk or she will sneak out of the house and get to the top of that thing faster than I can say, "Wait!"^^^
^^^It is my mom's birthday today! She is the raddest person in all the land. We are so lucky to have her! Call her, text her, email her and tell her "Happy Birthday!" She deserves all the love today and every day!^^^
^^^P made special Valentine cards for her lucky friends and teacher. When I asked her to make me one she said, "Only for 500 million dollars." I think that's a pretty good deal, don't you? ;)^^^

Have a great weekend! We are relaxing and getting some errands done. My mom and I are planning on taking the kids to Bearizona and to see the snow this week if all goes to plan! Can't wait!

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