Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekly Highlights

 ^^^Presley has a few weeks of soccer left. We are trying to make the decision to enroll her for another 8 weeks or let her take a break and try something new like gymnastics. She is really good at soccer when she tries. Kyle practices with her in the backyard and she is aggressive, graceful, and focused. She seems to be that way during most practices as well. I wish I could say the same for the Saturday games. She is not focused, she stares off into space, and she runs like she has to take a poop. Ha! When the ball is by her feet it might as well be a grenade because she stays far away. We asked the coach what to do about this and she said to use bribery. "If you touch the ball 10 times, you get a small toy." I hate to do that but whatever works, right?! I just want to make sure she is truly enjoying the sport. If not, I am fine with her finishing the season and moving on and trying again at a later date (if she wants). It is so hard to gauge her true feelings because sometimes she leaves soccer saying she "LOVES IT!" and sometimes she leaves saying, "I don't want to do this anymore." We have a lot of figuring out to do during the next few weeks. I secretly want her to love soccer as much as I do but I will be totally fine if she doesn't. I just want her to be happy.^^^
 ^^^Every night Kyle comes home with with "coins" for the kids. I always let him know how many (if any) they have earned throughout the day. They find the greatest joy putting those shiny coins in their piggy banks, envisioning what they will buy one day once they are full. Presley claims she is going to buy a new Barbie, a car, and presents for me and Kyle. Jackson says, "All the toys!" We love using this as a reward system and often times (unfortunately) have to take some coins away for poor behavior. We are working on making that piggy bank as heavy as possible. We have our good days and bad...^^^
 ^^^I love squishing all three of my babies into the bath. Even though they often fight about who gets to sit in the front by the faucet and who gets to play with what toy, I can't help but relish in the fact that they are all contained in one place at one time. I get to look at all their similarities and all of their differences. I get to watch their interactions (hostile or not). I get to enjoy these fleeting moments of the three of them taking a bath together. It won't be much longer when P is too "old" to take a bath with her siblings. This honestly might be the last year to do this. It breaks my heart to think instead, I will soak in every night until it is all taken away from me and I find something else to get excited about...^^^
 ^^^Papa Larry was in town last week for a few days and I caught him helping Presley with her homework. It was so sweet. I only wish he lived closer so they could do this together more often. There was a moment where P was getting frustrated because her "5's" weren't perfect. Larry and I kept encouraging her to try and that the ones she were writing were perfect enough. Larry later told me that P is really hard on herself. She wants everything to be a certain way. We agreed that this could be her greatest strength but also her greatest weakness as well. Adding it to the list of things to work on...^^^
^^^We are heading to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow!!!!!!!! We leave bright and early in the morning and we cannot wait! I will share pictures when we get back but I am planning on "living in the moment" and only snapping a few pics. A huge thank you to my mom for watching the kids Sunday-Wednesday, and a huge thank you to our baby-sitter for watching the kids on Thursday. Another huge thank you to Tina for picking P up from school on Thursday, feeding her dinner, and taking her to dance. I am one lucky girl to have so many people helping us out while we are gone.^^^

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