Tuesday, January 5, 2016


1. "Mom! I love apple sauce. That's how I get my veggies."
2. "Whoooo hooo!"
3. "I sorry Mommy." (a million times a day)
4. "I can't nap. It's not dark out."
5. "I just love you Mommy."
6. "I like Buzz and Woody. They AWESOME!"
7. "Are we meeting my fwiends?"
8. "How come I no brother?"
9. "My bed has pee on it. Wash it."
10. "Where Grandma Geri at? She sleeping?"
11. "Why you sad, Mommy? Me?"
12. "We go shopping! Then we go Pump it Up."
14. "Oh Cartney. You can't do that. You get hurt."
15. When I tell him he is cute he says, "You cute too."
16. I was trying on boots the other day at the store and he said, "Oooh. I like those mom. They pretty."
17. "No soccer. Only football."
18. He says "yes" with the cutest lisp. 

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