Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016

Happy 2016! The only real resolution I have made this year is to keep on taking photos (and better ones, of course). I have a list of other things I would like to accomplish but I am not going to write them down for fear of jinxing them (or being lazy and not completing them...ha). I have joined some year long photo challenges and workshops to help me become a better photographer. It is such a fun hobby of mine and nothing makes me happier than snapping away (especially when my hot husband or my beautiful little kiddos are behind the lens). 

I decided to write down some goals for my kids since they aren't entirely capable of making them on their own. If I left it up to Presley, her resolution would be to drink 4 glasses of chocolate milk a day; and if I had to guess Jackson's it would be to make his mama twice as crazy. Not exactly what I had in mind. So here is what I am thinking:

1. Read an entire book;
2. Work on that sassy attitude (hmmm...that's an ambitious one);
3. Get better at brushing her own teeth;
4. Learn how to tell time.
5. Help out more in the kitchen.

1. Get 100% potty trained. He is 90% there but I would love to stop cleaning poop off his underwear in public. That would be real nice...
2. Master his letters and shapes;
3. Stop putting things into his bed so that he can actually have toys in his room again.

1. Learn how to walk. Surely she will be walking by the end of 2016, right? ;)
2. Master more sign language;
3. Get her used to being with other people before she starts school in August. :(

Happy New Year! I am hoping this year is the best one yet! 
A little birdie is telling me that it will be...

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