Thursday, December 3, 2015

Scottsdale Train Park

 ^^^Off to our Wednesday Adventures...^^^

^^^Do you see my "scary" face in the monitor? Hehe.^^^

 ^^^We  got Jackson a conductor hat at the gift shop and he said, "I running this train."

 ^^^I think we might need to get Jackson one of these for his birthday.^^^

We took the kids to the Scottsdale-McCormick Train Park for our Wednesday adventure this week. My friend Jill told me about it and I am really glad she did! We spent all day there and didn't want to leave. I also found out that my grandpa used to take his kids and grandkids here all the time, back in the day. How fun! They have this super fast train (well, fast for the kids' standards) that takes you all around the park. They also have a carousal, a huge playground, tons of areas to run around, an ice-cream/gift shop, a food place, a train exhibit where all these little, tiny trains run around on the tracks. The details put into these things is unreal. I wonder how they get their big hands to paint and sculpt these miniature objects. Blows my mind. They also have one of the old trains that they used to use and we got to tour most of it. We got to see where the passengers would sleep, eat, and bathe. The bathtub was soooo small. It would have been perfect for one of my kiddos. 

We had so much fun and will be coming back here soon! We might even go in a few weeks when they have the place all lit up with Christmas lights. I think we will do that instead of zoo lights this year. :)

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