Sunday, December 27, 2015

Insta Play Date

The one thing I really love about Instagram is all the moms I have connected with. I have made some good friends through this little app. A new thing now is actually meeting up with these people you have made connections with online. I have been following (and vice-versa) this girl named Melissa for a while now. Not only do we share the same first name, but we also have 3 kiddos about the same age. She lives in Northern California but her mom and step-dad live in Chandler, Arizona. When she told me she would be here for Christmas, we knew we had to meet up. I kept McCartney home with Grandma Geri because it was quite the drive to Chandler. We met at this really cool spot called Tumble Weed Park. The hit of the day was this zip line for kids. Melissa's husband probably pushed the kids on that thing a million times. Thank goodness for him because it allowed Melissa and me to chat. We have so much in common. I am very sad that we don't live closer to each other but I still know that no matter the distance, we are now friends for life.

Cute story: Presley and her son, Grayson really hit it off. Melissa and I were dying over the conversations they were having. One that cracked me up was:
G: "My dad can lift a house."
P: "My dad is really strong too. He has really big muscles like this:" (shows G by flexing her arms). 

What a great day! 

***All photos above were taken by Melissa.

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