Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ignite Hope

Christy invited us to attend the annual Ignite Hope walk for The Phoenix Children's Hospital. I knew it would be an emotional night, but I didn't realize the amount of tears I would shed. Boy, I was a hot mess. 

We got to the event early to register, drink hot chocolate (M stole my cup...see pic above), mingle with the Disney princesses, and dance to some upbeat music. Christy and I were making McCartney laugh so hard with our funky (and terrible) dance moves. Presley got her face painted and Jackson hardly said two words because he was so dang cold. Now looking back, I realize it was because he was starting to get sick. We found out on Sunday that he has strep throat. Poor baby. No wonder why he didn't want any pizza at the event. This kid never turns down food.

The walk was 2 miles downtown to the children's hospital. Once we got there, all the sick kids were shining their candle lights out their window. We starting waving ours to let them know we were there. Once I saw those tiny flickers of hope, I about lost it. It didn't get any easier when we heard guest speakers share their stories and watched videos (actual patients from the hospital). I couldn't help but squeeze my kiddos a little tighter and be ever so thankful for their good health. 

I am so glad I attended this walk. It made me stop and appreciate life a little bit more. I think we will make this a new annual tradition. 

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