Saturday, December 5, 2015


 1. "God. You need to go to time-out. You are not listening!"
2. She made Kyle changed the lyrics of London Bridge to "London Bridge is falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling fair boy" whenever Jackson goes under. She said it wasn't fair that it said "lady." Haha.
3. She asked me the other day if she could wear makeup to school and when I said no she replied by stomping her feet and saying, "That's not fair!!!!"
4. "You are the craziest lady EVER!"
5. "My favorite number is 13 because when I am 13, I can pretty much do whatever I want." We will see about that...
6. "Mom! I already know that. Gosh!"
7. When I was doing her hair the other day, she was getting mad because it hurt. I told her I was sorry and she said, "Let me pull your hair and see how you like it!"
8. "Is Connor allergic to cats?" I asked, "Why do you want to know that?" She said, "Because if he is, we definitely won't get one when we are older."
9. "That's my bae right there."
10. "I am not shy mom. I will say 'happy birthday' to my aunts and stuff but I definitely won't say it to my boyfriends."
11. "I am going to say: 'Please Santa. I want everything on TV.' And he will get it for me. I know he will."
12. "Mom. You are so pretty but your attitude stinks." Haha!!!!

She says so many random, hilarious, bratty things. I can't handle it sometimes. I can't wait to show her these exPRESsions one day. Hopefully she will get as big of a kick out of them as I do. 

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