Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Starting Soccer

^^^Game faces.^^^
^^^She looks like she is 15 years old here (cue tears)!!!!^^^

^^^Over it.^^^
Presley and Jackson started soccer last night and honestly, I have never witnessed anything cuter. They looked so grown up (and adorable) in their soccer gear and I may or may not have cried several times. 

I did not get that many pictures of Presley because, unfortunately, I was on the other field with Jackson who needed a little more attention. Haha. Kyle will be joining me next Monday and the Monday after, so we will be able to take turns watching the kids play. 

Jackson took a minute to get adjusted. He doesn't like to sit still and listen. He was more interested in kicking the ball, running on and off the field, and laying down claiming he was, "So tired, Mama." I think with a little more practice, he will get better at listening.

Every Saturday, Presley has a soccer game. They only do games for kids ages 4 and older. I can't wait to watch her play. She absolutely loved being on the field last night and even said, "Mom. I don't want to leave. I want to play soccer all night long." Watching her enjoy a sport that I loved so much growing up makes me so incredibly proud and happy. I can't wait to see her perfect her skills and become such a good little player. 

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