Monday, October 5, 2015

We Love Pokey

 Pokey will be in hibernation soon and we sure are going to miss him. We look forward to seeing him all day long. Every morning, Jackson will usually spot him first and yell out, "Pokey is out! He's hungry!" Then we grab him a bunch of strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage salad and head outside. McCartney is super interested in him and will follow him around everywhere. Finally someone who moves at her speed! Haha! Once she catches him, she is not afraid to pet his head or hold his "hand." 

I wrote a letter to McCartney when she was still in my belly back in November 2014. I recall the letter saying that I already knew she was going to love Pokey as much as the rest of us. I couldn't be more right. The bond she has with both the dogs and our tortoise is pretty unbelievable. Yes, she is only 10 months old but it's funny how I can already tell what an animal lover she is/will be. Makes me happy. Maybe she will grow up and adopt 100 animals. Or maybe she will become a veterinarian. If she does, it will be pretty cool to look back at this post and show her where it all began...

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