Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kennedy's Halloween Birthday Bash

Last night we partied at the Gromek's house for Kennedy's 5th birthday. It was a dress-up party and it had me all sorts of excited when I found out! I absolutely LOVE dressing my kids in costumes. I didn't want the kiddos to wear their actual Halloween costumes and I didn't feel like spending any money when it would only be worn for a few hours. So...I found this old container FILLED with costumes from my middle school and high school days. I knew immediately I wanted to be the M&M and then I told Kyle he had to be the clown. That was the only one that I thought had a chance of fitting him. Well, we got halfway there. He changed into his costume in the car after work and almost ripped the top part putting it on. So he got creative and tied it around his waist. Haha. Presley wanted to be Minnie Mouse so I cut the dress, and it fit perfectly. With Jackson, I didn't think I could find anything to fit him but I was so happy when I cut the legs and sleeves of the Superman costume and it actually fit him pretty well! He looked so freaking adorable too. With McCartney, I found an old pumpkin dog costume that Bentley used to wear. I couldn't believe that we managed to pull off all our costumes for free. :)

Kennedy's party was SO much fun. There was a movie playing on the projector, limbo, a piñata, and lots of yummy food. We didn't want to leave but we had no choice when Jackson decided to stop saving people and thought pooping through every layer of his costume was a better idea. It was a smelly mess. We picked up our stuff and got out of there faster than a speeding bullet. ;) It was sure fun while it lasted. 

Now I am even more giddy and excited for Halloween! I cannot wait to share what the kids are wearing! It is pretty funny and adorable, if you ask me!

P.S. Look how sweet and gentle is Jackson hitting (or should I say poking) that piñata in the video above. :)

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