Friday, October 9, 2015

Finally Zoo Weather...Kind-of

 ^^^I asked him what his favorite animal is and he said, "Giraffes!!!!" I asked him why and he said, "They REALLY tall!"^^^

 ^^^He refused to go on the camel unless Nana was with him.^^^
 ^^^She insisted that she ride the camel ALL BY HERSELF!^^^
 ^^^She literally found all the places she wanted to go on the map and demanded that we go to each one she selected.^^^
 ^^^I cute do they look in their life jackets?!!^^^
 ^^^We rode (or should I say I pedaled) on a paddle boat for the first time. I quickly realized how out of shape I am because my legs were SO SORE!^^^
 ^^^The kids were fascinated when we spotted Baby Pokey!^^^

 ^^^Apparently this was Pokey's brother.^^^

 ^^^This girl ate: cotton candy, a soft pretzel, a slice of cheese pizza, a chicken finger, some slurps of an icee, and a cookie. This girl LOVES to eat.^^^

^^^Towards the end of the zoo trip, the kids played in the water under a tree house. They loved getting muddy and soaked. I didn't love it as much...but anything to make them happy.^^^

My mom and I had a great time taking the kids to the zoo. We have been wanting to go for weeks but the weather has just been too hot. It finally cooled down a bit (91 degrees) and we decided to go. Although the weather was tolerable and a lot better than 103 degrees, we still can't wait till it gets even cooler so we can come back. The zoo is one of my favorite places and I could spend all day there. And judging by my kids' faces, I think they could to!

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